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Annoying algae has plagued some saltwater tank owners to the point where they want to get rid of their tank and get out of the hobby. While this type of aquarium problem may seem overwhelming and impossible to control, it is possible to learn more about marine algae to identify what algae you need, how to control it, and how to keep it from becoming an unbeatable problem. Having some algae in your saltwater tank is not a bad thing, but when it gets out of control, it is time to take action.Common Algae Types Some algae in a saltwater tank is normal and it is important to know what kind of algae you are dealing with in order to prevent it from taking over your aquarium. An untreated algae problem can lead to loss of livestock in the tank and possibly excessive die-off of fish and other animals:

Diatoms: Brown or gold in color, short life span, common in newer tanks

Hair Algae: Common problem algae, looks like short, fine hairs, and is light green to dark green in color

Valonia, or Bubble Algae: Form bubble shapes, shades of green, grows best on rocks

Caulerpa: Green or red in color, leaf life shape with stems, fast growing

Coraline: Good algae, sign of a thriving saltwater tank, grows on all surfaces inside the tank, can be a variety of colors from green, to red, to purple
Controlling Nuisance AlgaeAll algae growth is caused by a variety of factors that include nutrients in the tank, lighting, and flow of water. Making sure of these elements are working in harmony and are correct for your specific aquarium set-up is a key part of stopping algae growth before it begins. Tanks with lower water flow are much more susceptible to algae growth while tanks with stronger, harder water flow are less likely to have algae problems. By having proper flow, algae cannot settle on surfaces and are filtered out.Manual removal of algae is a good method for keeping it under control. Doing this to prevent algae from taking over the tank will not only keep the aquarium healthy but will also give you additional time to figure out how and why the algae is growing. If you are considering using algaecides to control the algae growth in your tank, make sure to consult an aquarium specialist for more information (depending on the set-up and livestock in your saltwater aquarium, algaecides could be poisonous to the wildlife).

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