2 Essential Tips For Manifesting Your Desires Using The Law Of Attraction! | laws

Every single one of us are surrounded by an atmosphere of thoughts with each thought carrying its own frequency. Scientists have actually measured this and a thought has its own frequency!I like to refer to these thoughts as the driving force behind the law of attraction through which we are either attracting or repelling. Basically we draw back to us that which we center our thoughts and feelings around most.Whether you’re aware of it or not the law of attraction is always at work and shaping your day-to-day existence. The following are two fundamental steps for applying the law of attraction effectively and manifesting your desires.Accept responsibility for who you are and where you are!One of the key principles in using the law of attraction and purposely manifesting your desires is to acknowledge and pay attention to these thoughts and to accept that we are each responsible for our own reality.I would go as far to say as accepting responsibility in your life and for your actions/ outcomes is the most important step in making the law of attraction work for you.Once you come to the realization that you are the “source” of your own reality and not subject to a “defined” reality you can adapt your way of thinking and really start to make the law of attraction work for you.For many this is oftentimes difficult (as it was for me) because we become accustomed to our own system of belief which is years of our past experiences.It’s all to easy to live in the past and blame past events for our misfortunes but they are “past events” and should be left in the past. Think instead of the present and the future and be grateful for the good things going on in your life as you will be sending out a much more positive vibe.Aligning yourself to manifest your desires!The second most crucial step to apply the law of attraction is to fuel your desires with a passion.I know easier said and done right!You’ve probably watched the film the Secret where they state to use positive self talk and visualization techniques and show gratitude for the present outcomes in your life and not to live in the past.However it’s all well and good using these techniques (which do indeed work) but if you lack the belief and imagination then they will amount to nothing!Your dreams and goals are fueled by desire, belief and imagination. No matter how big your desire seems or how unattainable you need to overcome that barrier in your mind that holds you back from truly believing this is achievable.Whenever using such techniques as visualization and positive self talk try and involve all your senses. Only your imagination holds you back and once you learn to really connect with your desire on a mental level consciously you’ll slowly imprint this belief subconsciously which is key!Also pay close attention to your feelings and emotions when using such techniques associated with the law of attraction.How do you feel when you visualize your desires?How do you feel when you use positive self talk?Second only to thoughts, your feelings and emotions play a huge part in using the law of attraction and naturally attracting back to you that which you desire.Focus on your goals and ambitions not your worries. This again can take some practice especially if you’re experiencing a difficult phase in your life but the vibe you’re sending out will of course attract that back to you.Your entire reality is nothing more than a manifestation of what you’re thinking and feeling on both a subconscious and conscious level!The worlds highest achievers understand that the only limitations they set are the limitations within their mind! Really step outside your comfort zone and dare to imagine what others believe are beyond their capabilities.Feel the desire with a passion and fuel it on a daily basis, remember be grateful for what you do have and not what you are wanting. Otherwise you’re radiating a vibe of need and want which of course will naturally attract back to you.”We create our own universe as we go along” – Winston Churchill.

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